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PELA  Limited is an international consultancy service company providing landscape design, planning and design and urban design. We firmly believe that only by fully understanding the relationship between man and nature can we achieve excellent design and achieve an ideal environment that integrates history, culture and vision. We will put this kind of relationship between heaven and human into the design with a full of life and beautiful artistic expression. Our design team has a wealth of international vision and experience in public and private development projects and is committed to providing professional services for supervision.


Beautiful scenery requires people to appreciate and enjoy, and successful landscape gardens must be people-oriented as the first consideration. We believe that the layout of the heart and the proper planning are necessary for the design, and more importantly, the user can get the feeling of being satisfied. The old man's adaptation to the ramp, the longing for the shade of the trees; the children's curiosity about the shape and texture of the plants, the expectation of a fun and safe space for activities; the adults can take a walk after work and enjoy the needs of their families. The thriving of lights, the scent of birds and the enjoyment of the changing seasons, all these needs for the space environment is the responsibility and responsibility of our designers.


Today's world's requirements for low-carbon life and environmental protection are our priorities. To compare the environment to the sky is to give its importance to an important position. Whether it is the natural environment, historical traditions, or cultural atmosphere, we all have a keen perspective and diverse perspectives. During the gardening period, pay attention to the protection of on-site trees and natural mountains, taking into account the harmony of surrounding elements; in addition to the choice of materials for planting seedlings, consider the feasibility of proper cultivation and recycling of artificially cultivated trees; intend to seek market needs and environment Get a proper balance in protection. This concept enables the project to be smoothly implemented from planning to use, and to make a heavy responsibility for sustainable development.


We understand that the most important part of design work is a group of flexible, lively and dynamic professional teams. The input and enthusiasm of designers is the main element of the success of the program. We know that this quality of the heart has a self-evident appeal that can inject design and planning into an infinitely possible and unexpected space. While we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, we also provide a dynamic platform for the design team to engage and enjoy the work.


In a diverse society, entertainment facilities, business centers, hotel vacations, or historic building restoration projects, the requirements for art and aesthetics are determined and necessary. The beauty and beauty brought out in art are unintended. Our team has a diverse design experience, combining artistic beauty, market perspective, and professional knowledge to inject project design to create a garden space with vivid texture.

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